Who We Are
DraftCraft International is a Global Policy, Research and Analysis Think Tank. It is an independent organisation and owes no allegiance to any political or religious body or ideology. It is the only self-financed, media-legal think tank of its kind that works Via Media and By The Law.

How It Started
DraftCraft International was founded in 2001 on the foundation that all issues, National and Beyond Borders, were unique to the land and people they affected and, concurrently, had to be tackled independently and free of all bias.

What We Do
Through a network of projects and initiatives across the world, DraftCraft International works closely with law-makers, judicial experts, state bodies, administrative authorities, academia, affected communities, marginalised groups and media.

It examines Media, Law and Policy extensively by generating intelligence, documenting facts, conducting in-depth research, producing analyses, enhancing legal processes, educating masses and the authorities and providing inclusive platforms for dialogue.

Core Entities
The Core Entities of DraftCraft International that further the mandate of the organisation include:
- DraftCraft Films
- DraftCraft Institutes
- The Chamber Practice
- The Draft News Network

Associated Entities include:
- DraftCraft Media Network
- DraftCraft Law Network
- DraftCraft Publications
- The Woman Survivor
- The Maverick
- IndusTREE

A self-financed think tank, DraftCraft International avails no tax exemption from authorities or governments. It generates revenue through its host of educational, media, legal and film projects and programmes.

Our Team
The team at DraftCraft International is positive and energetic originating from diverse professional fields such as law, media, international relations, public policy, anthropology, social work, history, literature, film-making, photography, economics, management, technology, etc.

Interestingly, the diversity at DraftCraft USA also lies in the extreme flexibility in education, ethnicity, culture, gender and nationality of team-members, professionals and stakeholders.

Social Responsibility
The onus of triggering change lies upon us. Social responsibility lies at the core of all functions at DraftCraft International, furthered through pro bono litigation, legal aid, films, publications, media, campaigns, etc.

Through its associated entities, DraftCraft International provides amenable platforms and opportunities to the underprivileged, members of tribal and indigenous groups, LGBT community, the differently-abled, victims of hate crimes, domestic violence, gender-based violence and those living in conflict zones.

Impact Made
Over the last two decades, DraftCraft International has initiated several campaigns in public interest and concluded them successfully. It has triggered change through strategic intervention and impacted the lives of millions across India and Beyond Borders through:
- Media Campaigns
- Strategic Documentation
- Administrative Initiatives
- Legislative Dialogues
- Judicial Interventions