Institute of Gender Studies

DraftCraft International Institute of Gender Studies

DraftCraft International's Institute of Gender Studies regularly conducts educational and professional courses that provide academic enrichment, conform to global industry standards and are recognised internationally. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world.

The courses are designed and delivered by learned academicians, law practitioners, leading domain experts and industry professionals to provide in-depth academic understanding, practical outlook and balanced global perspective. This ensures building employable skills in a particular area that greatly enhance global career prospects. The curriculum is updated at regular intervals keeping in sync with changing laws and policies.

DraftCraft International Institutes conduct Certificates Courses, Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Round Table Conferences and Industrial Visits for fresh graduates, post-graduates, professionals, industry players, researchers, academicians and interested members of the public.

Modes of Delivery
The courses are conducted in several interactive modes:
- Physical/Classroom mode lectures for small groups for personalised attention
- Online mode where the course material is disseminated virtually through the internet
- Walk-through mode where practical aspects of a subject are taught from Ground Zero
The sessions are interspersed with research assignments, discussions, presentations and screenings.

- Participants are assessed at the end of the course by way of test(s).
- A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Unique Features
- Participants are continuously mentored and provided academic support during the course duration.
- The courses enable participants to supplement their formal education with integrated research, niche education, industry training and practical exposure.
- Those seeking a career in the field are counseled for relevant employment opportunities with entities in India and abroad such as law firms, international organisations, government agencies, corporates, educational institutes and NGOs.

Other Details
- Duration: Approx. 20 hours over One Month (on weekends).
- Frequency of sessions can be customised.
- Charges are discounted for DraftCraft interns.
- Most courses are available as Online Courses also.

Presently, the institute is offering the following Certificate Courses and Workshops. Contact us on or +91 8080441593 for details.

Certificate Course: Women Laws and Policy
Despite the host of legislative, judicial and administrative actions to empower women, this section of the Indian society remains marginalised. India has one of the highest number of laws for uplift, empowerment and protection of women. However, it’s implementation that remains weak owing to traditional mindset of the society and lackadaisical attitude of the authorities.
The Indian Constitution guarantees right to gender equality and also empowers the State to make provisions for positive discrimination of women. In this course participants will learn about the law, landmarks judgements and policies for this gender.
The course will apprise you of: Concepts of feminism, gender, patriarchy, discrimination and empowerment in India; Being a woman in present-day societies around the world - case studies; Constitutional provisions for gender equality in India; Traditional crimes against women; Indian Laws protecting women's rights; Indian Personal Laws and status of women; Role of constitutional and administrative authorities such as NCW; Legal and Judicial provisions for empowerment and protection of women - PIL, Legal Aid, RTI; International perspective and role of International organisations such as the UN.

Certificate Course: Gender and The Law - Beyond Borders
Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field to examine gender identity (masculine, feminine, LGBTQI), representation and social interactions. The convergence of gender with other identity variables - ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc., - are also examined in this certificate course.
The laws of a nation determine the legal, not social, status of men, women, transgenders and LGBTQI.
The course will explore the laws and policies regulating gender identity and sexuality; issues of gender identity and discrimination; perception in India and around the world. Section 377 of the Indian Constitution covers just the 'criminal' aspect of the existence of diverse genders. Key areas, such as gay marriage, separation, divorce, inheritance and adoption, that directly affect the community have not received any attention whatsoever. Concurrently, the law on the community in Brunei has moved from being strict to repressively regressive as gay sex invites a death penalty recently till international pressure forced it to back down. This course will provide an in-depth, comparative analysis of laws related to the LGBTQI community around the world. It will also discuss the way ahead for the Indian LGBTQI community post Section 377.