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DraftCraft International's Institute of International Affairs regularly conducts educational and professional courses that provide academic enrichment, conform to global industry standards and are recognised internationally. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world. The oldest of its kind, instituted since 2001, DraftCraft International Institute of International Affairs offers industry-specific certificate courses.

The courses are designed and delivered by learned academicians, law practitioners, leading domain experts and industry professionals to provide in-depth academic understanding, practical outlook and balanced global perspective. This ensures building employable skills in a particular area that greatly enhance global career prospects. The curriculum is updated at regular intervals keeping in sync with changing laws and policies.

DraftCraft International Institutes conduct Certificates Courses, Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Round Table Conferences and Industrial Visits for fresh graduates, post-graduates, professionals, industry players, researchers, academicians and interested members of the public.

Modes of Delivery
The courses are conducted in several interactive modes:
- Physical/Classroom mode lectures for small groups for personalised attention
- Online mode where the course material is disseminated virtually through the internet
- Walk-through mode where practical aspects of a subject are taught from Ground Zero
The sessions are interspersed with research assignments, discussions, presentations and screenings.

- Participants are assessed at the end of the course by way of test(s).
- A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Unique Features
- Participants are continuously mentored and provided academic support during the course duration.
- The courses enable participants to supplement their formal education with integrated research, niche education, industry training and practical exposure.
- Those seeking a career in the field are counseled for relevant employment opportunities with entities in India and abroad such as law firms, international organisations, government agencies, corporates, educational institutes and NGOs.

Other Details
- Duration: Approx. 20 hours over One Month (on weekends).
- Frequency of sessions can be customised.
- Charges are discounted for DraftCraft interns.
- Most courses are available as Online Courses also.

Presently, the institute is offering the following Certificate Courses and Workshops. Contact us on or +91 8080441593 for details.

Certificate Course: International Human Rights
Human rights issues are no longer restricted to the domestic confines of a nation. The world has become a small place where an event or a violation, particularly in the wake of terror activities, even in the farthest corner causes political and diplomatic ripples globally. Within a nation, human rights are the fundamental rights of a citizen that face risk from myriad factors. Internationally, human rights are morphed from the international rules and treaties between nations arbitrated by entities like the United Nations, International Court of Justice, etc. This course is an interlude of the two sets of human rights that will offer participants an insight into how human rights all over are formulated and violated and ways and means to protect the same. The course will be beneficial for human rights activists, lawyers, diplomats, civil society, students of international relations, law, journalism, etc. Each module is complete with the latest in Case Studies, Precedents and Legal Insight.

Certificate Course: International Migration and Refugee Law
International migration is presently the most pressing social issue globally. Efforts undertaken by international agencies to facilitate migration across countries in an orderly manner often face stumbling blocks owing to stringent migration and refugee laws of a region. The matter is urgent, complex, sensitive and dire as many communities in the world continue to face existential crisis following civil and external wars. Refugees, such as those escaping from the Syrian Civil War, are forced to face legal issues and policies that are a complex mix of international and domestic legal systems and humanitarian and human rights law. These laws need to be analysed with varied perspectives to help identify and tackle legal lacunae that affect migratory patterns.
The course is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of the interplay of laws that come into effect from the perspective of international and domestic laws of regions in conflict. The focus will enable a keen understanding of the complexity of key issues of contemporary International Migration and Refugee Law and the responsibilities of governments towards protection of human rights of migrants and refugees. Focus areas include: Syrian Crisis, Rohingya Crisis, Mexican Refugees Crisis.

Certificate Course: International Law and Diplomacy
International Law or the Law of Nations deals with the legal interactions and relations between countries and governments. The course on International Law examines international treaties, European conventions, binding force of conventions and the procedures of International Court of Justice. The myriad aspects of international law such as diplomacy, human rights, trade, intellectual property rights, environment, etc. are also covered. The course will be beneficial for human rights activists, lawyers, diplomats, civil society, students of international relations, law, journalism, etc. Each module is complete with the latest in Case Studies, Precedents, Judgement Analysis, Legal Insight, Reach and Global Perspective.

Certificate Course: International Criminal Law (Fundamentals)
In this course you will learn about the basics of international criminal law, the policies governing it and how international crimes such as terrorism, genocide, war crimes, etc., are tackled by authorised agencies and courts. The current global scenario is a grim picture of crimes perpetrated by well-organised syndicates that often use loopholes in international law, treaties and agreements for their benefit.
The course will delve into the history of international crimes starting from the Nuremberg Trials, Apartheid and others. Also discussing the general patterns, liabilities, arguments, defences during trials of international crimes. The legal and diplomatic procedures involving international crimes are lengthy, complicated, involve multiple agencies from different countries and often involve a deep understanding of foreign law and processes.
Critical aspects of international criminal law such as filing correct paperwork, countries obtaining custody of accused, presenting appropriate arguments, special defences, plea-bargaining, self-representation, immunities, criminal liability, responsibility, etc., will be covered. Several case studies from the recent past and representative of categories of international crimes i.e., war crimes, terrorism, genocide, piracy, crimes against humanity will be discussed.

Certificate Course: Bill of Rights and the American Constitution 
The course will introduce the participants to the Preamble and the first three pivotal words of the American constitution - We, The People. You will also learn about the basic rights guaranteed to the citizens under the constitution, fundamental laws and the main underlying tenets of sovereignty and federalism.
Each module will provide an in-depth discourse on important articles of the U.S. Constitution that define the government framework; separation of powers; powers of the President (executive), Congress (legislative) and Judiciary (Supreme Court and other federal courts); concept of Federalism; rights and responsibilities of the State Governments; and the inter-relationship between the States and the Federal government.
Participants will learn about the key amendments since the Constitution came into force in 1789, such as the Bill of Rights. Also, unique features of the American Constitution that makes it different from others in the world.

Certificate Course: An Introduction to American Law
The laws governing a nation are indicative of its social and political dynamics. This strategic course will expose you to important areas of American law such as Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law, etc., their historical origins and how they have evolved over the years.
Regarded as the oldest written and codified national constitution in effect, the American Constitution is what the founding fathers envisioned for America. The specific modules will throw light on the unique features of the Constitution i.e. Separation of Powers, Individual Rights, etc.
The course will enable participants do a comprehensive comparative analysis of the complexities and approach towards legal situations, how law is applied in the United States and what are the distinctive legal mechanisms in the country.

Certificate Course: European Business Law - The Basics
Europe is one of the most important business (trade and commerce) districts in the world with the European Union (EU) being a world leader in global economics and trade affairs. This course will delve into specific laws regulating business in the zone and policies governing foreign trade and investment.
Each module will cover an important area of doing business in the European Union. These include structural framework of the EU; principles of EU law i.e., constitutional freedoms, laws and policies governing EU markets, legal obligations; factors affecting doing business in the EU i.e., establishment of business, buying property, taxation, employing labour, environment clearances, IP laws (copyright, trademark, patent); contemporary EU scenario in terms of policies - foreign trade and investment, development, energy, security, etc.,; and legal safeguards when things don't go the right way.

Certificate Course: Business Laws in Russia
To do business in any foreign country, it is imperative to know and understand the laws of that land. A person who has a stake in business must know of his legal rights and duties even before understanding the economics of his business. All economic or entrepreneurial activities such as establishing a unit, investment, acquiring property, buying or selling a product or service, employing labour, environmental clearance, agreements, mergers, IP laws, etc., are bound by the law of the land. It is therefore important to know the law and be prepared with a corresponding response to a situation arising out of a legal hitch.
In this course you will learn about the laws in Russia that affect foreign nationals, entrepreneurs and investors, rules and regulations for business activities, socio-political framework and the judicial system.