Institute of Policy

DraftCraft International Institute of Policy

DraftCraft International's Institute of Policy regularly conducts educational and professional courses that provide academic enrichment, conform to global industry standards and are recognised internationally. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world. The oldest of its kind, instituted since 2001, the institute offers industry-specific certificate courses and workshops.

The courses are designed and delivered by learned academicians, law practitioners, leading domain experts and industry professionals to provide in-depth academic understanding, practical outlook and balanced global perspective. This ensures building employable skills in a particular area that greatly enhance global career prospects. The curriculum is updated at regular intervals keeping in sync with changing laws and policies.

DraftCraft International institutes conduct Certificates Courses, Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Round Table Conferences and Industrial Visits for fresh graduates, post-graduates, professionals, industry players, researchers, academicians and interested members of the public.

Modes of Delivery
The courses are conducted in several interactive modes:
- Physical/Classroom mode lectures for small groups for personalised attention
- Online mode where the course material is disseminated virtually through the internet
- Walk-through mode where practical aspects of a subject are taught from Ground Zero
The sessions are interspersed with research assignments, discussions, presentations and screenings.

- Participants are assessed at the end of the course by way of test(s).
- A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Unique Features
- Participants are continuously mentored and provided academic support during the course duration.
- The courses enable participants to supplement their formal education with integrated research, niche education, industry training and practical exposure.
- Those seeking a career in the field are counseled for relevant employment opportunities with entities in India and abroad such as law firms, international organisations, government agencies, corporates, educational institutes and NGOs.

Other Details
- Duration: Approx. 20 hours over One Month (on weekends).
- Frequency of sessions can be customised.
- Charges are discounted for DraftCraft interns.
- Most courses are available as Online Courses also.

Presently, the institute is offering the following Certificate Courses and Workshops. For details or to sign up for a course, contact on or +91 8080441593.

Certificate Course: Fundamentals In Practice (Policy)
This course is offered for students who wish to intern with DraftCraft International in this discipline but have little or no background / professional exposure in the same. For the uninitiated applying for an internship programme with DraftCraft International, this course may be suggested as a mandatory pre-requisite that could run parallel to the internship programme.
This course is a DraftCraft International flagship programme to help students avail hands-on practical exposure to the imperative nuances and functioning of the industry in question. The mode of training here is distanced from the run-of-the-mill lecture-exam technique and the student is instead exposed to critical industrial visits, talks, screenings and interactions at pertinent venues. The intern may choose one of the following focus areas for this course - Public Policy, Foreign Policy, State Policy, Convention and Policy, Policy Perception and Policy Implementation.