DraftCraft International will generate special reports and dockets focusing on key news issue for reference, download and distribution across platforms. The reports will be comprehensive reports on news issues or compilations of articles and features on 'an' issue in the news. Either bookmark this page, subscribe to the site by email and join a mailing list to be briefed on fresh reports.

To examine reach and extent of a news, DraftCraft International will organise strategic surveys across pertinent groups and examine random sample studies; undertake online surveys and field research programmes to examine, analyse and concurrently suggest indicative trends to help viewers make informed opinions on issues in question.

White Papers
DraftCraft International has on anvil, work in progress, with regard to White Papers it develops along with a team of specialist researchers and journalists for legislative purposes that it will also share in public domain, in abridged versions and concurrently compress it into reports for easy viewing. The purpose of a White Paper is to help elected representatives MLA, MPs formulate the law, fetch pertinent change and apprise them of the need to do so. The White Papers created are Fact Sheets on Ground Zero situations and are free from legal lacuna, bias and any unethical considerations. They are aimed to be free and fair and without prejudice.

DraftCraft International Journal Of Fake News has a special focus on Fake News and will carry well-documented reports on Fake News reports and trends while attributing them to the source and analysing their origins and compulsions; providing the alternate view; the motivations for publication, the repercussions, the position by present-day law and an informed view on the same. The first edition of the DraftCraft International Journal Of Fake News will be published online in early 2019. Contributors and those interested may mail and send in their queries with 'Submission details for DraftCraft International Journal Of Fake News requested' in the subject line.